What to Expect with CoolSculpting®

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What to Expect with CoolSculpting®

CoolSculpting® is a great procedure for those looking for a non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction treatment. Currently the #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure in the US, CoolSculpting®’s innovative, cooling technology has attracted a lot of attention. As a future candidate, you may be wondering what to expect with CoolSculpting®.

SculptMD has been named a Premier Crystal Practice Center of Excellence by Zeltiq CoolSculpting®, the only FDA-approved non-surgical fat reduction procedure. We want our patients to be informed on CoolSculpting® and what they should really expect as they start their journey to a reshaped body.

What to Expect with CoolSculpting® Consultation

When you set up your initial consultation with one of our trained doctors at SculptMD, we meet with you to discuss your goals for shaping your body. Know what you want from CoolSculpting® when you come in because, as long as you communicate with your doctors, we can help you get closer to your ideal body.

You and your doctor will inspect your body to analyze what areas need to be treated. Discuss with your SculptMD doctor how many treatments might be needed, how many areas you wish to treat, and how long the sessions will be so you and your doctor can be prepared.

Expect your nurse or doctor at SculptMD to take pictures of your body for the “before” comparison. After your treatments, they will take after pictures so they can show you the difference and the change CoolSculpting® helped accomplish for you.

What to Expect with CoolSculpting® Treatments

Don’t forget to bring yourself a source of entertainment for your treatment! There is no downtime during a CoolSculpting® procedure, which means you can sit back and relax. Some patients bring books, laptops, phones, and some even choose to nap during it!

When the applicator is applied to your body, it will deliver a cooling throughout the treatment. Initially, you may feel a slight chill against your skin but it fades as the procedure goes on.

The vacuum applicator draws in fatty tissue to make sure it targets the right area. This could bring a mild pulling or tugging sensation, but it is nothing painful.

The treatment could last anywhere from 35 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated or how many areas you are treating. During this time, the machine will be positioned on your body as you wait for the treatment to finish. That’s why we suggest bringing something to occupy your time!

What to Expect After CoolSculpting®

Once your CoolSculpting® treatment is over, you can return to your normal daily activities. Since there is no surgery and no anesthesia, CoolSculpting® allows you to go back to life uninterrupted.

Some people experience results in as little as 3 weeks after their initial CoolSculpting® treatment. You’ll see the most dramatic results about 2 months after your treatment, and your body continues to process dead cells 4 to 6 months after your treatment!

After your treatments, your SculptMD doctor will talk with you to schedule your check up and any additional treatments you may need. It’s important to be patient with your body and let it take its natural waste course. Trust your body and know each day is a step closer to your goals. The long-term results will depend on you and how you take care of your body.

Zimmer Z-Wave After CoolSculpting®

One of the many benefits to CoolSculpting® with SculptMD is our integration of the Zimmer Z-Wave into our CoolSculpting® procedure. After your procedure, the Zimmer Z-Wave releases pulse waves of energy to the cells that shocks them, essentially pushing them over the edge. It gives them the boost they need to eventually die through apoptosis. Patients have seen result improvements up to 50%!

What to Expect with CoolSculpting® Side Effects

The side effects associated with CoolSculpting® are not long-term and don’t cause any permanent damage. The initial side effects that occur immediately after your procedure are as follows, lasting from 30 minutes to maybe a few hours:

  • Slight redness
  • Mild swelling
  • Light bruising
  • Mild tingling/stinging
  • Numbness in treated area

Other side delayed side effects that happen after your treatment last 3 days to a few weeks:

  • Mild bruising
  • Sensitivity to treated area
  • Mild swelling
  • Light cramping
  • Mild itching
  • Slight tingle
  • Numbness in treated area.

These all get better and disappear as your body continues to waste any of the dead cells. Due to the disposal of the dead cells, some patients have also reported having to use the bathroom a little more frequently than usual.

Remember that all the feelings and side effects of CoolSculpting® are normal and are a result of your body’s natural reaction to the cooling and deposit of cells. Most of these sensations are the nerves waking up, similar to when your foot falls asleep and the pricking and tingling you feel as it wakes up. Many CoolSculpting® studies have shown that there are no long-term nerve damages as a result of CoolSculpting®.

What to Expect with SculptMD

SculptMD brings their patients a relaxing and professional environment where they are taken seriously as patients. We offer our customers a wide variety of options when it comes to CoolSculpting® treatment plans and the areas we treat. SculptMD uses CoolSculpting® to treat:

  • Double chin
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Flanks
  • Stomach
  • Outer/Inner Thighs
  • Knees
  • Upper/Lower Back
  • Banana roll

With our trained professionals and our implementation of the Zimmer Z-Wave into our CoolSculpting® treatments, you can expect to receive some of the best quality of treatments in Livermore and the surrounding areas. We tailor our CoolSculpting® services to your needs, helping you find the areas that are most concerning to you and getting rid of those annoying bulges of fat. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and take care of your body, CoolSculpting® with SculptMD will bring you lasting results.

CoolSculpting® by Zeltiq is the only FDA-approved non-surgical fat reduction procedure out there, and SculptMD is offering it to you! Get closer to your dream body by contacting us today.


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