Emsculpt In Danville, CA

Are you one of the countless people that consistently work out, eat a good diet, but are unable to achieve visible muscle definition? EMSCULPT treatments can transform your body, giving you a firmer, tauter, more defined look – in four easy, 30-minute sessions at SculptMD.

How does EMSCULPT work?

EMSCULPT triggers “supramaximal” muscle contractions. When your muscles contract naturally, the entire group of muscle strands does not contract, and a brief relaxation occurs between contractions. With EMSCULPT, the contractions are so rapid – equivalent to 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes, with all muscle fibers contracting. The body responds to this extreme stress by building mass, burning fat, and toning.


Subcutaneous fat around your muscles may make it impossible to achieve optimal muscle definition.


EMSCULPT delivers magnetic energy to the target muscles, triggering supramaximal contractions – the entire muscle contracts at the deepest level, with great rapidity.


In the weeks to follow, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells.


What can EMSCULPT do for my body?

23 percent fat reduction over six months from treatment

Waist size smaller by 1.5 inches on average

Muscle mass enhanced by 18 percent at the six-month mark

5X increase in fat burning

80 percent of subjects saw a lifting effect on the buttocks

96 percent in patient satisfaction

What can EMSCULPT do for my body?

The EMSCULPT system can firm, tone, and create definition in several areas of the body, including:

back buttocks 1


Tired of seeing that extra fat on your derriere? Why not enjoy a sleeker, rounded bottom by building muscle?

front outerthighs


Beautifully shaped, thinner thighs can be yours – it’s as simple as a short trip to Sculpt MD.

front abs


An area that is particularly prone to excess fat, the stomach is among the most popular treatment areas. After a short treatment, patients experience noticeable muscle tone.

front arms


Your upper arms may be firm and muscular, but lack definition. EMSCULPT treatments burn the excess fat surrounding the muscles and create muscle mass for a more sculpted, contoured look.

back calves


Running and exercise may still not yield the firm, muscular calves you desire. With EMSCULPT, all that can change. The treatment complements the work you’re already putting in, compounding the results.

Should I try EMSCULPT?

If you are ready to finally achieve a more sculpted butt, defined muscles, and greater core strength, you need to undergo EMSCULPT treatments at SculptMD. We serve the community of Danville and are known as the premier body sculpting clinic in the region.

Should I try EMSCULPT?

At SculptMD, you will be under the care of one of our expert medical providers. We take our duty to our patients very seriously – and we consistently achieve superior results, whether with EMSCULPT, CoolSculpting or with our custom weight loss programs. You will be treated with individual service – and you deserve the level of care we offer.

How many treatments will I need?

You need four sessions, twice a week, for two weeks to achieve the following:

Enhanced muscle tone

Increased muscle mass

A lifted butt with more volume

Visible muscle definition

Improved core strength

emsculpt logo

Is it painful?

EMSCULPT treatments are not painful. You will feel the sensation of the rapid muscle contractions, which feels unusual but only for a few minutes. You are free just to relax while the EMSCULPT system gives your muscles a workout beyond anything possible naturally.

Before & After

Abdominal Treatment

Photos Taken after
4th treatment

Abdominal Treatment

Photos Taken after 12 weeks after
4th treatment

Abdominal Treatment

Photos Taken after 12 weeks after
4th treatment


Photos Taken after 12 weeks after
4th treatment


Photos Taken after
4th treatment


Photos Taken after 4 weeks after
4th treatment




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