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At SculptMD, we offer EMSCULPT treatments and other body sculpting treatments to the San Ramon area. Our practice is known for achieving consistently superior results in body sculpting, including muscle building, fat burning, muscle defining EMSCUPT treatments.


EMSCULPT is a game-changing treatment that improves muscle mass, creates muscle definition, and lifts the buttocks -- no surgery required. If you consistently work out, and still are unable to achieve visible muscle definition, EMSCULPT is your answer. This revolutionary device uses HIFEM (high intensity focused electromagnetic energy) to cause what is termed “supramaximal” muscle contractions – those so fast, that the muscles adapt by burning fat and building mass. EMSCULPT produces a remarkable improvement in the following body areas:

front abs


An area that is particularly prone to excess fat, the stomach is among the most popular treatment areas. After a short treatment, patients experience noticeable muscle tone.

front outerthighs


Beautifully shaped, thinner thighs can be yours – it’s as simple as a short trip to Sculpt MD.

back buttocks 1


Tired of seeing that extra fat on your derriere? Why not enjoy a sleeker, rounded bottom by building muscle?

front arms

Upper Arms

Your upper arms may be firm and muscular, but lack definition. EMSCULPT treatments burn the excess fat surrounding the muscles and create muscle mass for a more sculpted, contoured look.

back calves


Running and exercise may still not yield the firm, muscular calves you desire. With EMSCULPT, all that can change. The treatment complements the work you’re already putting in, compounding the results.

Why choose SculptMD?

If you are in the San Ramon area, you may have a few choices about where to go for this amazing treatment. Why choose SculptMD? Our practice was established to provide a full array of non-invasive body sculpting treatments under the care of our medical providers, an expert team in body reshaping with advanced technology, including CoolSculpting, weight loss programs, and EMSCULPT. You can expect superior results and concierge-style care from our team of professional body sculpting experts.

What can EMSCULPT do for my body?

EMSCULPT works by stimulating your muscles to contract at a rate impossible to achieve naturally. The number of muscle contractions is equivalent to performing 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes, while you simply relax. You will feel the muscle contraction occurring, but the experience is not painful or difficult. Your muscles respond to the super-rapid contractions by building mass, while burning fat, and strengthening your core.

Benefits of EMSCUPT

If you want to achieve a more lifted butt, firmer, tauter muscles, and greater muscle definition, EMSCULPT is a top performer. The benefits you can achieve include:

Improve muscle tone

Greater core strength

Enhanced muscle mass

Non-surgical butt lift

Visible definition achieved on abdomen, thighs, buttocks, upper arms, and calves

30-minutes procedure

No downtime

Not painful


emsculpt logo

How many EMSCULPT treatments are needed?

To achieve optimal results, you will need to undergo four sessions, twice a week for two weeks. After your treatment, you will feel as if you had performed a super-tough workout, with no other side effects. The results become visible within a week or two, often earlier, with the final lifting, firming, sculpting effect achieved at the six-month mark.

How long will it take to see results?

Many of our patients see results within days, but typically, you will see a definite lifting, firming effect in about two to four weeks. Optimal sculpting can be seen in about six months.

Does EMSCULPT actually work?

EMSCULPT has been the subject of seven clinical trials proving the device delivers as promised. The results seen in these scientifically conducted trials include:

23 percent fat reduction within six months

Waist smaller by 1.5 inches

Muscle mass increases of 16 percent increase in muscle mass achieved in one month, 19 percent at three months, and 18 percent at the six-month mark

Restored strength of separated abdominals at 11 percent improvement

Fat metabolism increased 5X

80 percent of people enjoyed a visible lifting effect on the buttocks

96 percent in patient satisfaction

Before & After

Abdominal Treatment

Photos Taken after
4th treatment

Abdominal Treatment

Photos Taken after 12 weeks after
4th treatment

Abdominal Treatment

Photos Taken after 12 weeks after
4th treatment


Photos Taken after 12 weeks after
4th treatment


Photos Taken after
4th treatment


Photos Taken after 4 weeks after
4th treatment




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