Emsculpt In Tracy, CA

EMSCULPT is one of the most exciting developments in body sculpting technology. With CoolSculpting, you can freeze away excess fat – but EMSCUPT is entirely different. The device emits HIFEM (high intensity focused electromagnetic energy), which causes the deep muscles to contract at a super-rapid rate. The muscles respond by increases in mass, burning fat, and becoming stronger and more defined.

Transform your body with EMSCUPT in Tracy

At SculptMD, our team of body sculpting experts has seen truly remarkable transformations with EMSCULPT. After a series of four treatments, your muscles become stronger, toned, and larger, the fat melts away to achieve definition, and your buttocks become lifted. At SculptMD, our experts deliver customized EMSCULT treatments so you can finally have the body you want.


EMSCULPT was recently FDA-approved to build muscle mass, burn away the fat hiding your muscle structure and lift the buttocks, with no surgery, no liposuction, and no downtime. The super-rapid muscle contractions stimulated by the device causes your muscles to respond by building mass, strength, and creating beautiful muscle definition – a perfect treatment for both men and women. , EMSCULPT treatments can transform various areas of your body, including:

front abs


An area that is particularly prone to excess fat, the stomach is among the most popular treatment areas. After a short treatment, patients experience noticeable muscle tone.

front outerthighs


Beautifully shaped, thinner thighs can be yours – it’s as simple as a short trip to Sculpt MD.

back buttocks 1


Tired of seeing that extra fat on your derriere? Why not enjoy a sleeker, rounded bottom by building muscle?

front arms

Upper Arms

Your upper arms may be firm and muscular, but lack definition. EMSCULPT treatments burn the excess fat surrounding the muscles and create muscle mass for a more sculpted, contoured look.

back calves


Running and exercise may still not yield the firm, muscular calves you desire. With EMSCULPT, all that can change. The treatment complements the work you’re already putting in, compounding the results.

Why SculptMD for EMSCULPT in Tracy?

If you are in the Tracy area, you want to have your EMSCULPT treatment delivered by body sculpting experts. At SculptMD, we offer the world’s finest, most effective, non-invasive body sculpting treatments. All EMSCULPT treatments are delivered under the care of our medical providers. Our providers are the best choice for advanced methods of body reshaping with CoolSculpting, customized weight loss programs, and EMSCULPT treatments. When you want to look your best, why not have your treatment at SculptMD, where you can expect real-world results, and VIP service and care.

What can EMSCULPT do for me?

EMSCULPT triggers muscle contractions at a rate you could never achieve with exercise – similar to performing 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes, while you relax in comfort. You will feel the sensation of your deep muscles contracting, but this is not painful. Your muscles react to these super-rapid contractions by transforming your body, building mass, burning away the fat, and lifting the buttocks.

What are the benefits of EMSCUPT?

If you want to achieve a rounder, lifted butt, you don’t need to undergo a surgical procedure – try EMSCULPT. Eighty percent of the subjects in a clinical trial saw greater lift and mass in the buttocks after treatment. You can expect the following body shaping results with EMSCULPT:

Greater muscle tone

Core strength enhanced

Butt size and lift improved

Visible muscle definition

No downtime

No pain

30 minutes to complete

emsculpt logo

How many EMSCULPT treatments do I need?

You will need four treatments, delivered over two weeks. This protocol has been found to produce the best results.

How long will it take to see results?

The first results can appear within a week or two, with optimal body changes achieved at six months.

Before & After

Abdominal Treatment

Photos Taken after
4th treatment

Abdominal Treatment

Photos Taken after 12 weeks after
4th treatment

Abdominal Treatment

Photos Taken after 12 weeks after
4th treatment


Photos Taken after 12 weeks after
4th treatment


Photos Taken after
4th treatment


Photos Taken after 4 weeks after
4th treatment




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