How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can appear for many reasons, but it’s getting rid of them that can make people anxious. Some people don’t like to see stretch marks, and that’s why Sculpt MD offers microneedling for stretch marks near Livermore to help those who are looking to get rid of them. Before you can understand how microneedling can really help treat stretch marks, it’s important to know how stretch marks work and why lotions may not be your solution.

How Stretch Marks Work

Stretch marks are a common skin concern among women and men alike. They appear most common in places like:

  • Abdominal wall
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms
  • Buttocks
  • Breasts

The cause of stretch marks also varies in situations like: pregnancy, sudden gain/loss of weight, rapid growth, hereditary, stress, changes in physical conditions, etc.

When it comes to your skin, there are 3 different layers: the epidermis (outer), the dermis (middle), and the subcutaneous/hypodermic (deepest). Stretch marks occur in the dermis when the connective tissue is “stretched” beyond its power of flexibility. As it’s stretching, the collagen weakens and the normal production to keep the skin youthful is disrupted. What is left behind is the appearance of lighter skin, some redness at first, as well as what may look like bruising within the mark.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be a sensitive or self-conscious skin concern for some people. While you should embrace your “tiger stripes”, we understand why you might want to cover them up or get rid of them. While using lotions and lasers might combat the redness that can be caused when stretch marks first appear, the results might disappoint because they aren’t what you were expecting. You need something that will penetrate the skin at the dermis level to start the healing.

Microneedling for Stretch Marks Near Livermore

At Sculpt MD, one of the ways we like to treat stretch marks is through our microneedling treatment. Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment, also known in the cosmetic industry as collagen induction therapy. It’s used to treat stretch marks, acne scarring, hair restoration, and fine lines and wrinkles. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Anniston, and even Brad Pitt have received this treatment.

Microneedling uses tiny micro-needles to create small punctures on the top layer of the skin and penetrating the dermis. The wounds “traumatize” the skin and trigger the body’s natural response of creating more collagen and elastin to heal the wounds. Left behind is improved texture and firmness, and a reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks. The natural healing process of the skin happens in three phases:

  1. Inflammation – Once the skin is pierced, it triggers the response from the immune system to naturally disinfect the wounds, remove debris, increase the blood flow, and create new tissue.
  2. Proliferation – The wound starts to rebuild itself with the new cells and the temporary collagen and elastin, as well as a new network of blood vessels.
  3. Remodeling – The collagen produced in Phase 2 is replaced by even stronger collagen, allowing the skin to contract and create a tightening effect on the skin.

Since stretch marks cause a disruption in the natural production of collagen, microneedling will help not only restart that production, but the overproduction of elastin and collagen will help in healing the damaged connective tissue in the dermis that creates the stretch mark. A procedure like microneedling is also great for stretch marks because it penetrates the skin deep enough to create a reaction within the same layers that the stretch marks are instead of resting on the surface.

Microneedling for Stretch Marks Near Livemore Procedure

At Sculpt MD, we use the SkinPen by Bellus Medical – a medical-grade microneedling tool available to medical professionals. The longer needles of the SkinPen allows us to reach the dermis of the skin without bending, breaking, or rusting, so you won’t have to be concerned about scarring or infection.

During the treatment, we will gently move the SkinPen across the area where there are stretch marks with the tiny needles to create the micro-wounds. The length of the treatment will depend on the number and size of the areas being treated. On average, one session can take about 30 minutes to perform, with anywhere between 3 to 6 treatments over the span of 4 to 6 months based on the severity of the stretch marks.

Microneedling is safe and effective for all skin types and tones. It’s a great solution and alternative for treatments like chemical peels or lasers and can produce better results. This minimally invasive procedure is great for all who are trying to treat the appearance of their stretch marks. By calling us today, you can schedule your consultation to find out the best treatment plan for you and what you should expect for results!s


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