How Much Weight Loss Can I Expect with CoolSculpting?

How Much Weight Loss Can I Expect with CoolSculpting? 65ce409120cd1.jpeg

How Much Weight Loss Can I Expect with CoolSculpting?

When you’re looking to treat unwanted fat in areas on your body, CoolSculpting is an effective and safe procedure to choose. With our fat reduction procedure, you may think to yourself, “If I get the fat freezing procedure, how much weight loss can I expect with CoolSculpting?”

CoolSculpting is a fat-reducing procedure that freezes fat cells away. Fat reduction is not quite the same thing as weight loss, and here’s why.

Fat Reduction vs. Weight Loss

When it comes to your body, there is a different between fat reduction and weight loss. It may be confusing to hear that, but it all has to do with the fat cells.

Throughout our lives, the number of fat cells in our bodies becomes a set number at some point during our teenage years. Losing or gaining weight does not increase the number of fat cells in our body, but changes the size of the fat cells. So, as you gain weight through your adulthood, you are increasing the size of the cells that already exist.

When you lose weight through dieting or exercising, you are making the fat cells within your body smaller. Losing weight will not make the fat cells disappear entirely. So, if you gain the weight back, you increase the size of the fat cells again.

Fat Cells After CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a fat reduction procedure, which means that it actually reduces the number of fat cells from the body, not the size. Through our CoolSculpting fat-freezing procedure, you will see a reduction of fat cells in the specific areas you are looking to treat by 20-25%.

The fat cells that are frozen are naturally processed and eliminated, so they will not migrate to another part of your body. Unlike other procedures, CoolSculpting will not change the fat cells in untreated areas. So, those stubborn fat bulges that are left behind regardless of the amount of exercise or dieting will disappear with CoolSculpting and leave behind a more sculpted version of your body. You may not weigh less with your CoolSculpting body, but you’ll look thinner and your clothes will fit better.

Zimmer ZWave with CoolSculpting

At SculptMD, we use the Zimmer ZWave in conjunction with our CoolSculpting procedure. The Zimmer ZWave is another non-invasive procedure used to treat cellulite and enhance the results of CoolSculpting. It administers sound waves to the cells, breaking apart fibrous cells that create cellulite and encourages cell death with CoolSculpting. Our patients have reported results enhancing up to 50% more with Zimmer ZWave!

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

You may be a little confused on how CoolSculpting actually works if it doesn’t make you lose weight. During the procedure, your physician will apply an applicator that is installed with a vacuum that sucks in the treated area to better target the fat cells bunched together. The applicator then delivers a controlled, precise cooling to the area to help encourage the fat death through freezing. It is a completely safe procedure, and you don’t need to worry about any skin or nerve damage. The temperature is specific for cell death and your skin is protected by a gel-like substance applied before the procedure begins.

As the cooling progresses, the cells start to crystallize, or freeze, which causes them to die. As they progress in the next weeks following your procedure, your body naturally breaks down the dead fat cells and eliminates them through the body’s natural waste process. This allows your body to flush out the dead cells. Then, as mentioned, they are gone for good with no hopes of returning.

CoolSculpting Candidates

If you were planning on using CoolSculpting as a weight loss method, you still may qualify as a candidate for CoolSculpting! We’ve had many patients come to SculptMD searching for a quick way to lose a few pounds, and CoolSculpting actually encouraged them into living a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re about 30 pounds from your ideal weight or are at your ideal weight, you should consider CoolSculpting to help sculpt the body you’ve been reaching towards. Removing fat from unwanted places and seeing the progress that CoolSculpting can create motivates our patients into working harder to be thinner or healthier in their lives. If you think you fall within this category, give us a call today to schedule a consultation!

If you’re still unsure about whether or not you’re a candidate, no worries at all! SculptMD can help you with weight loss and CoolSculpting as you get closer to your ideal weight. We can help you determine what the next best step is for you in your goals to looking thinner and being healthier.

CoolSculpting with SculptMD

Even after you have done your CoolSculpting procedure, like other patients, you may be encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle and become an even better version of yourself. SculptMD can help you achieve those goals! We offer an amazing and professional customer service with an initial consultation to help discuss your goals and create a plan for you! We also offer the Zimmer ZWave technology to help enhance your results. Call us today with your questions and we’ll be more than happy to help!


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