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Why consider a treatment at the Sculpt MD Medspa serving Livermore, CA?

Stress, fatigue and environmental pollution comingles with the negative effects of the aging process and gravity to create a complexion in crisis. A trip to the Sculpt MD medical spa in Livermore, CA can help begin to lighten the load of these cosmetic burdens, unveiling a more youthful, refreshed and rejuvenated self.

Dr. Samra has created a wealth of potent yet non-invasive solutions that can revolutionize your skincare regimen. We offer mirconeedling with PRP, the HydraFacial, IPL photo rejuvenation, BOTOX, Radiesse, Juvederm, and so many other cutting edge treatments to help you look and feel your best.

What are some common benefits of a visit to the medspa?

  • Superior solutions for the face and body
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive approach
  • Holistic care tailored to your needs
  • Cutting edge equipment and innovative technology
  • A chic, comfortable office space
  • A friendly, knowledgeable staff
  • A board-certified physician overseeing your care
  • A more youthful, revitalized appearance
  • Greater self-confidence in your image
  • Long-lasting, sustainable results

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Why choose Sculpt MD in Livermore CA?

Dr. Samra is a rare physician in the sense that he always makes time to connect with every person who walks through the door. No client is ever rushed through their treatment, and everyone receives the same attentive, personalized approach. When clients feel they are being listened to and understood, they tend to get more out of their treatment with better cosmetic results.

Sculpt MD is on the forefront of cosmetic science, offering innovative technology such as the BTL Exilis Ultra, the Zimmer Z-Wave, the Cool Mini, the Bellus Medical SkinPen, and many other cutting edge devices that can help your skin to achieve a remarkably youthful and radiant appearance.

Medspa FAQ's

What recovery is involved with a trip to the medical spa?

Most of our procedures have no downtime, since they are non-surgical and do not involve any incisions or anesthesia. The most you will have to deal with is a slight redness or tenderness, which is comparable to a sunburn, but these symptoms tend to disappear within a matter of hours. Dr. Samra will provide a detailed aftercare regimen for each patient, and will follow up with you to ensure your recovery is on track.

How much do medspas cost?

While visiting a medpa does cost money, it tends to be less than the total amount you might spend on over the counter serums, lotions, creams and medications that don’t ultimately heal your complexion issues. Dr. Samra is a board-certified physician who will get to the root of your skin problems and provide treatments that can genuinely rejuvenate, restoring balance and harmony.

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